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The Three Miss Margarets

The Three Miss Margarets by Louise Shaffer

"Winning debut by actress and television writer Shaffer... The Three Miss Margarets are wholly imagined, rich creations whose reticence speaks volumes about their time and place." --Publisher's Weekly

"The story never lags, leaping back and forth between present and past, showing how much the latter creates the former... Shaffer has created a little piece of heaven here in Charles Valley." --- The Miami Herald

"The Three Miss Margarets is a romp of a read - warm but never smarmy, wise without pretense of profundity. Shaffer tells a good story that's part mystery but mostly an exploration of loyalty and friendship." -- The St. Louis Dispatch

"Her artful use of flashbacks to tell each of the Miss Margaret's stories in turn as she shuttles between present and past, she conveys a surprising amount of suspense. You think you know what happened and why? Maybe --maybe not." --The Orlando Sentinel

"Shaffer unravels this tale with skill, building enough sense of foreboding to be enticing as she reveals the backgrounds of the major characters … and brings it all to a satisfying conclusion.” --Booklist

“Shaffer’s novel begins with a homey, Southern narrative voice that rapidly crescendos into lively, resounding chatter … Shaffer has a knack for building complex characters with clever, cutting lines … Entertaining.” -- Book Magazine

“A can’t-put-it-down Southern tale.” --The Columbus Dispatch

“I found Shaffer's characters to be believable and her plot to be a provocative one... her first 'Southern' novel ia well worth a visit" --The Anniston Star

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The Ladies of Garrison Gardens

The Ladies of Garrison Gardens by Louise Shaffer

"In a sequel to The Three Miss Maragrets , Shaffer... creates something fresh and likable. Like a southern-fried meal, fatty and indulgent, and the more delicious for being so. - Kirkus Reviews

"Pour a glass of sweet tea and settle in for some top-notch entertainment." - Booklist Reviews

"A beautiful blend of dark deeds and mystery, benevolence, and love." - Australian Women's Weekly

"One of those southern tales, full of secrets, crimes, lies, perfect justice, and a nice little romance. I couldn't put it down, and I hated when it ended." - The Kingston Observer

"The Ladies of Garrison Gardens charms us with the women's friendship, the details of life in a small town, and appealing characters. Dust the beach sand off of that appealing cover, pour some sweet tea, and enjoy one of the first books of summer." - Crescent Blues Book Views

"Enthralling and original, Shaffer's latest is truly an unexpected pleasure." - Sheri Melnick,

"Readers wishing to while away a few hours in the ostensibly laid back South could expect some polished prose to enhance their leisure. They will not be disappointed." -

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The Three Miss Margarets by Louise Shaffer

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The Ladies of Garrison Gardens by Louise Shaffer

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